A story that began in 1821, today represents seven generations in viticulture.

It was the beginning of a legacy that has developed over decades along with a brand rooted in the same innovative spirit and family values: a daily connection with the territory and its traditions.

ZONIN1821 distributes and markets premium wines and sparkling wines, focusing on conservation and ecotourism, offering exceptional experiences to its guests.

Today, it is one of the most important Italian private wineries and one of the key prosecco producers at international level.

The company is led by a renewed external management headed by Pietro Mattioni, CEO.

  • 200 years

    seven generations of heritage

  • 9 estates

    4000 hectares, 1600 planted with vines

  • 150 million euros

    revenue in 2021

  • 85% export

    to over 140 countries around the world


We are committed to preserving the link between the various terroirs and their cultures. For 200 years, we have invested in quality viticultural regions across Italy and beyond, always with an unwavering respect for the land, a commitment to thoughtful evolution, and our driving entrepreneurial spirit.


The Group’s wines continue to garner famous awards and coveted international trophies that underline their prestige and excellence, including the International Wine and Spirit Competition, the Decanter World Wine Awards, the Asia Wine Trophy, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, the Berliner Wine Trophy, the Los Angeles International Wine Competition and the Melbourne International Wine Competition.


Within the various estates, wine production activities are flanked by hospitality: the importance attributed to it has a remarkable symbolic significance since it expresses the role of ZONIN1821 in transmitting the culture of wine, promoting education in this sector, respecting the diversity that typifies each winegrowing district and enhancing the local skills and know-

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The Group promotes sustainable development in all its aspects: environmental, economic and social. Among the many activities carried out to preserve the soil and the ecosystem, the company is committed to restricting the use of technical means in viticulture, rationalizing water resources for irrigating the vineyards, encouraging the use of renewable and cleanenergy sources, and protecting local flora and fauna by implementing reforestation, where necessary.