The best feeling we can experience, what truly fuels our passion, is seeing you discovering our places, wandering through the vineyards, enjoying the flavors, the aromas, immersed in the history and traditions of the communities in which we work and live.

ZONIN 1821 opens the doors of its estates and wineries to all those who have the wish to explore, involving them in cultural as well as food and wine experiences. Unique activities for individual visitors or groups.


Tour & Tasting

An integral part of Zonin 1821’s philosophy is to open the doors of the wineries to people, to let them discover the wines, the history and territories.

To all those who wish to have a cultural or a food and wine experience, Zonin1821 offers tours of the vineyards and the wine cellars, visits along the itineraries of the company museum, guided tastings, including wine pairings with typical local products.


Agritourism / overnight stay

Immerse yourself in nature, taste the flavors of traditions, relax and breathe pure air while walking among the rows admiring unspoiled landscapes. Awaken your own spirit of discovery.

In Zonin 1821 you can experience all this by staying at some of our estates or enjoying the spirit of hospitality offered by our agritourism.

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