Rocca di Montemassi

Roccastrada, Tuscany, Italy

A wine farm nestled in the heart of the Tuscan coast

The slopes of Montemassi, in the heart of the Maremma at its most authentic, yield fine wines that embody an irreverent and daring Tuscany, where emotions are forged by the ardour of the land and the purity of the sea. From Vermentino to the Super Tuscans, Rocca di Montemassi represents a new milestone in Tuscan winemaking and attests to the excellence of this winegrowing area, giving full reign to outstanding creativity.

Right here, between the Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills) and the Tyrrhenian Sea, lies a 100% Tuscan and 100% sustainable Wine Farm, combining the diverse souls of the Maremma.



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Working toward a sustainable future

We aim for the diversity, stability and flexibility of natural ecosystems.

We use green manure, a traditional agronomic practice which consists in burying specific crops, in order to maintain or increase soil fertility.

The estate maintains 28 hectares of woods, which absorb carbon dioxide, thus decreasing our Carbon Footprint.

We protect the vineyards from the European vine moth by using the mating disruption method. We adopt biological defense methods in the vineyard, based on the use of living organisms to counter the spread of vine parasites.

When the vine needs emergency irrigation.

Rocca di Montemassi boasts an extremely efficient rainwater collection system that feeds a tank which is used for emergency irrigation. Through this method it is possible to rationalize water based on the weather forecast.

Special pressure chambers allow us to promptly measure the hydration level of the vines, ensuring irrigation only when strictly necessary.

All the wines produced in this wonderful estate are certified organic.

We do not use synthetic plant protection products.

We do not use chemical weeding.

We use the mating disruption method

We use organic fertilizations.

We use the lowest levels of sulphur dioxide.

We do not use chemical substances.

A typical Tuscan farm.

In Rocca di Montemassi the production of wine is accompanied by the cultivation of ancient varieties of cereals, the management of an experimental garden and a small orchard, the breeding of the prestigious Maremma cow, Cinta Senese pig and even some donkeys. Activities that allow us to value the indigenous breeds and to benefit from the local products in the numerous hospitality activities.

We also host the hives of a local beekeeper in the vineyard for the production of honey.

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Where the wine is the protagonist of a story about the most authentic Maremma.

Experience the unique emotion of tours, tastings, or a stay among wine and nature in Rocca di Montemassi.

The perfect place for those who love the uncontaminated beauty of the Maremma, for those who wish to open the windows of their room and lose their gaze in the vineyards, or to take a walk immersed in nature while admiring the intense colors of the sunset.

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Rocca di Montemassi
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