Ca' Bolani

Cervignano del Friuli, Udine, Italy

A magnificent garden of vines lined with 999 cypress trees celebrating the extraordinary biodiversity of Friuli

Traversed by 999 cypress trees that celebrate and safeguard extraordinary biodiversity, Ca’ Bolani is an estate where vines and nature thrive in perfect harmony. Nestled in Aquileia, between the Alps and the sea of Friuli, in an area where viticulture has existed since Roman times, the estate benefits from ideal conditions for wine production: summer sea breezes, the protective barrier of the Alps, marked temperature fluctuations and a variety of soils which, descending towards the sea, slowly change in composition from clay and gravel to sand. The estate boasts a unique viticultural heritage in the form of a ‘garden of vineyards’ yielding wines distinguished by their fragrance and aromatic fullness.



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Working toward a sustainable future

We use the resources that nature gives us to achieve the goal of energy self-sufficiency.

Thanks to the natural springs, we fully use the local resources without resorting to irrigation systems. We are particularly careful not to alter the aquatic ecosystem consisting of fresh waters (springs, rivers and canals) of which our territory is rich.

At Ca ‘Bolani, the use of photovoltaic panels has allowed us to achieve 48% of energy self-sufficiency.

The estate maintains 20 hectares of forest, which absorb carbon dioxide, thus decreasing our carbon emissions.

We preserve the biodiversity and the harmony of the habitat in which we live and work.

We use “green manure”, a traditional agronomic practice which consists in burying specific crops, in order to maintain or increase soil fertility.

We preserve biodiversity by enriching our local presence with 200 hectares of arable land destined to the consortia in the area.

In addition, in the vineyard we host the hives of a local beekeeper for the production of honey.
We use the latest defense products (agrochemicals) that are particularly environmentally friendly, ensuring the life of bees, all the beneficial insects and the aquatic organisms.


In the heart of a medieval village, immersed in a park of centenary trees, you can enjoy the peace and the beauty of unspoiled nature.

Let yourself be guided in a cultural and gastronomic journey which starts from the vineyard, passes through the vinification and the aging processes, and arrives at the wine tastings, paired with the typical products of these wonderful lands.

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Ca' Bolani
Località Strassoldo (Fraz. di Cervignano) - Via Gradisca, 22
S.S. 352 Palmanova - Grado (UD)